Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Swimming to the Oldies

Yesterday morning we awoke to grey skies, so we decided to go swimming indoors. The pool we go to has a glass wall with a view of the ocean and an island in the background--reputedly the one where Captain Kidd buried his treasure.

We had the place to ourselves for a while, and then at 10:30 the Elderfit aquasize class filtered in. Charlie was highly pleased to aqua dance to Chuck Berry and Elvis along with all the grandmas. Further to his delight, they insisted on sharing their kick boards and noodles with him.

We stayed quite a bit longer than I had intended. After much sweet talk and promises of snacks, I was able to extricate him from the pool. "Die! Die!" Charlie called, waving at his new friends. And a pool full of elderly ladies doing the twist waved back, yelling, "Bye, Charlie dear!" in unison.