Saturday, May 26, 2007

Schools Day

Busy and hot today! We all went to the Waldorf school Mayfair in the morning, then across the street to the French school for Rowan's birthday party. We gave her a baby tree that we transplanted from our garden plot. Back at Waldorf we made some crafts in the craft yurt (seriously), watched some Morris dancers, and picked up a play kitchen for $4 at the yard sale. After a lunch break at home, Charlie and Mom went to B'water to check out the homeschooler's craft fair at the mall. When we came back the lawn mowers had been here, so we went out in the yard for sand and water play while Mom set the fence back up. Now we're cooling off inside while Charlie alternates watches Little Bear and listens to Mom read stories. He's back on a Babybug kick, and slowly warming up to Green Eggs and Ham.

Another quick hats off to Grandma, who gave Charlie the big cardboard blocks. In addition to building towers and houses, he loves to put them end-to-end to make a balance beam and then run back and forth on the top. They're his most played-with toy these days.