Sunday, March 21, 2010


Charlie was enamored (enameled?) of this nontoxic paint and peel polish, so we got some. He says it has the magic to make his hand super-strong and his feet super-fast!

Fun at the park (right before the Big Haircut)

We always go to the beach on the first day of spring and today was no different--the unusual thing was the weather! Usually we go for about ten minutes and watch little ice floes bobbing around--this year we roamed Sand Dollar Beach for two hours and came home a little pink from the sun.

Charlie shows off his hammer arm.

Charlie gathered his hair from the haircut and used it as part of a robot.

Robot in his entirety

Our "Welcome Spring" cake--I think it's an organizational meeting for Easter. The chicks are the guards.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Recent Gems

An excerpt from The Very First Gnome Story, as told by Charlie: "The mommy gnome had to pee really bad--there wasn't enough time to get to the bathroom. So she went outside without even a jacket on and peed on a stick. And to her surprise, she saw two lines on the stick! And that's how she knew she was pregnant. With gnomes."

"It's okay if you want to homeschool me, but when I'm old enough to go to potions class.. I'M GOING TO POTIONS CLASS."

Charlie woke up in the middle of the night and insisted that we choose our "scientist names" right then and there. We shall henceforth be known as Neutron and Dr. Mamacita.

Charlie, upon receiving a package with a He-Man figure in it: "Oh look, Tea Man! He drinks more tea than anyone in America!"

Proud Mama Moment: Charlie was working in a book of artistic prompts (like a coloring book but way funner) and came upon one with an empty bird cage. "Excellent!" he said. "I shall draw an EX-PARROT!"