Thursday, June 28, 2007

There's some good news and some bad news...

The bad news: the photo place didn't make a CD of our photos, so no pics of Charlie with Grandma and Grandpa until next week. Boo hoo. The good news is that they're worth waiting for.

And here's some great news: Naomi came to visit! We had three wonderful days of talking, walking, and playing together. She brought a great book about typing cows for Charlie, and Vosges chocolate for Mom and Dad! We went to the beach together yesterday. Naomi showed Charlie starfish, razor clams, anemones, and about a hundred other sea creatures. We waded in the tidal pools and listened to the clams breathe. Now that Naomi's on her way back home we're looking at pictures of swamps and crocodiles. One of these days we'll get down to Florida to visit her and Aster, and we'll be all ready to identify her local flora and fauna.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's Small?

We worked together in the garden this solstice. Charlie is a vigorous thinner of carrot seedlings. We're actually getting enough mixed baby greens for salads every day now, and the beans are sprouting out of the 3 sisters garden. Summer comes right on schedule here.

In one of the Curious George stories we've been reading this week George is frustrated by being small and dreams about growing big. Charlie kept asking, "What's small, Mammoo?" I have tried many ways of explaining "small", all of which leave Charlie looking vaguely skeptical.

Today at the grocery store Charlie was standing next to me in the check-out, then started to slowly edge away. "I right back, Mammoo," he assured me. "I right back" usually means "Don't follow me because you might stop me from doing what I want to do." I picked him up, gave him a cuddle, and said, "I know you'd like to explore, but I need you to stay with me so I can keep you safe." He sighed, put his head on my shoulder, and said, "I small, Mammoo."

Small but growing every day, my monkey.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's All About the Monkeys

OK, Mom loves Curious George as much as the guy, but if I have to say "This is George. George was a good little monkey and always very curious..." one more time this week, I may begin to bleed spontaneously from the eyes.

We have monkey books, monkey band-aids, monkey socks, stuffed monkeys, and a monkey towel that doubles as a costume. When he's not being a troll or a squirrel or a horse or a dog, Charlie is a monkey. "I monk, mammoo! Ee ee ee!" And then he pulls out one of the many CG storybooks that I thought I had hidden and demands another recitation.

Well, at least it's easy to get him to eat a banana these days.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Keeping Up

Whew! Long time, no post. Pictures of the visit with grandma and granpa will be up in about a week.

Charlie's verbal skills have been exploding recently. We always knew he wanted to be involved in everything we did, and now he can tell us about it. Mom's taking the garbage out? "I come! I help!" Dad's cooking? "I stir! I cook!" If we tell him something is difficult to do and perhaps not for little people... "I try!" As my mom commented during their stay here, true learning is internally motivated. Our task is just to keep up with him! Mom and Dad are both feeling old and slow these days.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Family Fun

Grandma and Grandpa are here, and we're having a ball. Yesterday we took a family shopping trip and put together Charlie's new rocking horse. We went to the beach before dinner. This morning we went to the farmer's market, and this afternoon we'll think about a cruise out in the harbour. Granpa and Charlie have some game worked up in which they hit one another with dandelions and giggle. More on our adventures soon...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Runaway Doggie

Charlie's favorite new game is "Runaway Doggie". John and I build a "crate" out of cardboard bricks in the corner of the living room. Charlie stands there saying "woof woof", and then busts out of the pokey and runs around the house giggling maniacally while John and I pretend to try to stop him, call the doggie, and build roadblocks.

We had planned on camping this weekend but got rained out. We had some quiet, relaxing time at home instead. Grandma and Granpa will be here Tuesday, so we're preparing the house. Here's to a fun week ahead...