Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Library Day

Jonas came to play for the morning. Both boys hid in a pile of clean laundry, raced bikes around the house, jumped up and down on the bed, drew on the chalkboard, played with the dollhouse, and took turns being monsters. We all read a bunch of books together. Now Jonas and Lucas are off to Germany to visity their Oma and Opa!

This afternoon we went to the library for a new pile of books, then took a walk down to the harbour and to Frenchie's. Charlie helped knead some homemade playdough (plus we actually dyed the Easter eggs--the brown eggs look especially pretty). We read Curious George about a bajillion times, blew bubbles, and cleaned up the kitchen together. Charlie is getting mighty handy with a mop.


DFrauzel said...

Quite an itinerary for the CTO (chief two-year-old officer); can we expect to see a prospectus on Curious George and monsters by end of this quarter?

DFrauzel said...

Also, we have yet to hear a public statement about "Cookiegate".

Charlie Boy said...

Well, we advanced the idea of a prospectus to C and he started cleaning for specks. Maybe next quarter.

And we don't no nothing about no stinkin' Cookiegate. Speaking of which, Charlie calls cookies "turtles". Haven't quite figured that one out.