Sunday, May 27, 2007

30 Months (and counting...)

Charlie officially turned 2 and a half the other day. He just tipped the scale at 30 lbs/13.6 kg. His car seat is only rear-facing to 30 lbs, so we turned it around. He's about 34.5 "/87.5 cm tall. He's following the same growth curve he's been on since birth--bang on the 50th percentile for weight, and around the 15th for height.

In other words, a little on the short and tubby side. ;-) He still has a bit of that adorable, chubby baby look, although people no longer yell "Gerber baby!" at us from across crowded restaurants like they use to.

Pics coming in 3-4 days! Stay tuned.

Postscript: The above growth chart references are based on the World Health Organization growth charts for breastfed boys. Many doctors in both the US and Canada rely on growth charts that describe patterns of formula fed infants, who follow a different growth curve. In addition to the WHO growth charts, we are using CDC growth charts to track Charlie's progress.