Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reaching and Growing

Charlie's becoming quite a climber. I say "no" to him in the house more than either of us would like. No, you may not climb the cabinet pulls to stand on the kitchen counter and eat sugar out of the sugar jar with your hand. No, you may not dance on top of the piano. No you may not dance naked on the radiator (see a theme here?) in the living room picture window. That's not the picture we'd like to paint for the Zincks next door.

So we went to the park, where Charlie climbed several ladders he had never been able to manage before. His 5 yr old friend Elias Asks A Million Questions was there, so we mostly climbed and talked with Elias. Later at home we finally set up the garden. We never ate the eggs we coloured last week, so they became compost for the sunflower seedlings, lettuce, and carrots that we planted. Thanks to Godmom Naomi for the seeds!