Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yesterday we went to Kevin Veinotte's Open Woodlot Day. He didn't bill it as an extravaganza, but that well describes what we found waiting for us at the end of a wooded path just down Mossman Road. The Department of Natural Resources had set up an eight-stop display of sustainable tree farming, riparian habitats, log milling, and more. We (okay, I) drank free Laughing Whale coffee, donned the mandatory hard hats and listened to some interesting speechifying from the various parties involved--most notably the Ecology Action Centre. They promote Kevin's organic, sustainably harvested trees over artificial trees.

Charlie loved wearing his "Bob hat". He watched the saw mill turn trees into lumber, he ran around the Christmas tree forest, and he especially loved exploring the DNR's super-sized helicopter parked in the meadow. On the way home we detoured through Mahone Bay's scarecrow festival and stopped at The Biscuit Eater for bat cookies. It was a whirlwind of outdoory goodness kind of morning.

Tonight is the big debut of the new bob-skates during family skating hour at the rink. Details to follow.