Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kick It Up a Notch

OK, now we're writing our own books. Yesterday we (okay, I) wrote and Charlie illustrated The Big Mess. It goes a little like this:

Charlie made a big mess.
Actually, he made a lot of big messes.
"Eeek! I'm going to crack up!" said Mommy.
"Can we clean it up together?" she asked.
"OK, Mommy!" replied Charlie.
And they did.

Okay, the cleaning up part is still mostly me too, but it's a step in a hopeful direction!

We're making maps now, too. Charlie is a big map-o-phile. We're mapping the whole neighborhood. Now we're headed out for a walk, to check out The House With Dogs That Bark Loud and Early Every Morning and The House of Those People Who Really Like Firecrackers.