Thursday, June 26, 2008


Charlie and I have been enjoying Boohbah on the French channel (TV is pretty simple at our house; we get the 'French' channel and the 'English' channel). He asked if we could get it on DVD. "I don't know, we could ask at Blockbuster," I answered vaguely.

Fast forward a week. We go to Blockbuster. Charlie wanders around the kids section, searching the shelves. Then he marches up to the front counter. "Um, excuse me," he addressed the clerk, "do you have any Boohbah?"

Sadly, the answer was no. The clerk was taken aback by his behavior. "How old is he?" she demanded of me.

I've been getting that one a lot these days. Charlie's exploding verbal skills and fearless social nature, in conjunction with his slightly elfin size, knock a few people off kilter. It's fun.


Taylor Taylor said...

lol That's soooo cool! :-) I'm an Intactivist, too.