Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's in an Image?

Yesterday John and Charlie took a stroll down to the harbour to look at the ships, as they often do in nice weather. Unfortunately, the Bluenose was not in port. After having a look around at some of the other vessels, Charlie spotted a dime lying on the dock. "Look, here it is!" he exclaimed. "It got small and went on the dime!"

And yes, there is indeed an image of the Bluenose on the Canadian dime. There's no convincing Charlie that the ship on his "lucky" dime is anything but the original deal. Gotta love the magical, mystical world of three year olds--and there's no better place to nurture it than here.


Egg Mama said...

Charlie has an eagle eye! He also has unassailable logic. That's a very cute story!