Thursday, October 18, 2007

Su Doku es Mi Doku

Charlie's not shy about letting me know when he wants attention. His latest trick is to claim ownership over any article that competes for my interest. "That's not your newspaper... that's my newspaper! That's not your broom... that's my broom! That's not your 'doku... that's my 'doku!" Then he grabs it and runs around, yelling "Charlie's 'doku! Charlie's 'doku!"

But hey, there's an upside to every annoying toddler behavior. After I start filing paperwork with the provincial department of education, this will be creatively classified as "math".


Egg Mama said...

That's so cute! I *love* Sudoku. Spent countless hours solving Sudoku puzzles during "siesta time" in Greece this summer. Pretty soon Charlie will be working the kid-level puzzles! Nora likes to identify the different numbers and to scribble on the grids. She'll be hooked in no time. :)