Thursday, October 18, 2007

City Day

Yesterday we took Charlie's nanny to Halifax for a doctor's appointment, which turned into a 5 hour testing session. As a result we had a lovely spontaneous city day. Charlie chased pigeons all around the Commons, watched some fancy tricks at the skateboard park, and threw coins into the fountain for good luck. We also visited a fantastic new store, Uncommon Kids Gear. Their buyer has wonderful taste--(ie my taste!)

They had Charlie's dollhouse, Charlie's rocking horse, Charlie's favourite monkey plate... all items I coerced poor grandma to ship to us from the States! I bought a Plan Toys vegetable garden for the dollhouse, a Curious George Christmas book, and an abacus. They had a supercool toy I'd never seen before called a bilibo that I already regret not buying. Between them and Lagoon Nova Scotia may actually be joining the 21st century.

As a crazy bonus, the attached coffeshop was possibly the best I've been to in Canada, and immensely child friendly. I think we have a new favorite spot. Who wants to meet us there?


Egg Mama said...

Wow, I'm in a big(gish) city and don't know of a toy store like that! Great find. :)

Egg Mama said...

By the way, great book recommendations! Just noticed your side panel.

Green Betty said...

Aww... thanks! Like I said on your blog, I'm liable to mail you any you want to borrow.