Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rain, rain, don't go away

It's a cool, stormy summer in the Maritimes. Yesterday Charlie and I planted another little garden patch--onions and melons this time. Charlie is getting quite good at poking each seed down. It might be too late to start onions, but time and the weather will tell.

Today we thinned out the carrots. It's amazing how much green grows in proportion to the root. They are just starting to get a tinge of orange to them. We took a couple indoors, washed them and ate them. They were far more like parsnips in taste and texture than like mature carrots, but a fun treat all the same.

Now it's raining outside and Charlie is curled up in front of Harold and the Purple Crayon, listening to an eclectic musician sing "Blame it On the Rain". I don't know about blame, but we're thanking the rain for all the lovely growth in our garden as well as this quiet, cuddly indoors day.