Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mom is learning (slowly)

We went for a hike this morning. Or rather, attepmted to go for a hike. Silly Mommy, trying to hustle through the best "school" in the world, aka Nature.

We stopped to look at slugs, at dog poop, at small sticks of various lengths, and at several pairings of "baby rock" and "mommy rock". The lupines were in full bloom. Luna sauntered about madly, thrilled to be on the trail with both of us. She's starting to understand Charlie's commands, so he coached her through some sprints. "Yoyo, DO! "Yoyo, come DACK!"

He would love to walk her on the leash, but 30 pound boy plus 70 pound dog on a gravel trail sounds like... about a hundred bandaids, to me! (Who said unschoolers can't do math?)