Saturday, November 1, 2008


Look in the dictionary under "extrovert", and there's a picture of our Charlie.

Our trick-or-treating expedition started with a block-and-a-half run, full tilt down the hill towards a house with huge, lighted displays. "I must get there fast!" puffed Superman-encostumed Charlie, as we jogged along after him. "I'm the fastest! Nobody will get there before me!" Assurances that the display and candy would be there for hours fell on deaf ears.

Just as we reached the house, another kid walked up in a Spiderman costume. The boys went up to the door together. Spiderman put his hand on the doorknob. "Not so fast, Spiderman!" Charlie boomed in his Superman-iest voice. The other kid, twice Charlie's age, shrank back. As we left, a kid in a Batman costume happened along, "Hello, Superman!" yelled Batman. "Why hello, Batman!" responded Charlie. "We're friends in the league of justice!"

At every house, Charlie met people with delight. "Trick or treat! What are you watching on TV? Can I pet your cat? What's back there? Can I have two of these? This one is my favorite." In between houses, he ran, yelling, "I aaaammmmmm SUUUUUPERMAAAAAAAN! I'm the strongest!" until finally he stumbled to a walk, and then announced, "Superman is tired. Superman wants his mommy to carry him." Which I did, back home to inspect the haul and then drift off,full and content.

This morning his eyes popped open at six o'clock. "Is Halloween over? Yes? Awwwwww. How long until Easter?"