Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dinner Conversation

Charlie: Is this my ketchup?

Mommy: Yes. It's our ketchup, it's your ketchup and my ketchup and Daddy's ketchup.

Charlie: It's our ketchup? And we keep it in the fridge.

Daddy: Yes. That's where our food goes.

Charlie: What's that? (pointing at a bottle of beer)

Mommy: That's my beer.

Charlie: Is it our beer?

Mommy: No, it's my beer. Beer is just for adults.

Charlie: No, it came from the fridge, so it's our beer. I want some of my beer.

(Note: He settled for apple juice. Same colour as beer, and also, satisfyingly, from the fridge.)


Egg Mama said...

Hilarious! Egg seems to accept without comment that soda, beer and wine are for grownups. But she knows soda is yummy so if anyone leaves theirs lying around she will try and sneak a sip. I don't *think* she has ever done this with a beer...although she did accidentally eat an alcoholic chocolate in Greece last summer and appeared a bit tipsy (boy did I feel like a bad mom, although it wasn't my fault!).