Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tortoises, Trikes, and "T"s

Wow, lots of pics and not too many words lately! Time to change the trend.

After watching a few episods of Word World on PBS over the holidays, Charlie has plunged into a fascination with letters. Grandma gave him a beautiful puzzle with his name in wooden letters for Christmas which he's been playing with non-stop. I bought him a complete set of small wooden letters in addition. Yesterday the three of us went to Halifax to visit the Museum of Natural History again and while Charlie was excited to watch Gus the 85 year old tortoise walking through the halls, he was mostly thrilled by all the signs in the museum.

And of course, we're reading like gangbusters. Recent favorites include Harry the Dirty Dog and our new holiday classic, The Everything Seed: A Story of Beginnings.

Now we're off to try out his new trike outside, a Christmas gift from my much esteemed and much loved Aunt Sallea.