Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yours and Mine

This morning Charlie was getting ready to go on a playdate with Jonas. I was chivvying him along a bit, as my thoughts bounced around all the tasks I hoped to accomplish while he was gone. (Blogging being one of them.)

"Wait," he instructed me, stopping at a basket of wooden train track and blocks. He wanted to pick a toy to bring with him, a totem of his home for the road. He chose a red freight car and ran for the door.

Then he said, "no, wait," perhaps to me or perhaps to himself, and returned to the basket where he selected a green freight car as well. Jonas is passionate about green. It was the obvious choice. And then hands full of fun, we were on our way.


Egg Mama said...

The Egg also gets to take one toy every morning when we get in the car to take Egg Papa to work. Unfortunately we often forget to bring the toys back up, so our car is littered with a motley collection of stuffed animals.