Sunday, August 19, 2007

Service, please!

Charlie runs most of my errands with me. This week, he decided to show off how much he's learned on our outings.

Yesterday at the mall he crowed, "Bookthtore!" and made a run for Chapters. By the time I caught up to him he had visited the kid's section, chosen a promising story, and was headed for the counter. He artfully evaded my grasp, put the book up on the counter, and eyed the cashier expectantly. (Almost successful--we ended up negotiating for another selection.)

Today we were at a coffeeshop in the middle of an excursion with our friends Katja and Lilly. They had some highly beguiling cupcakes in a glass case, just at Charlie and Lilly's height. After an extended discussion of cupcakes, including the cupcake he had eaten twenty minutes previously and the likelihood of getting a cupcake from the coffeeshop later in the week, Charlie again went to the counter. "A cupcake," he confidently ordered, pointing at his selection.

I had to stop the tickled countergirl from giving it to him. Another near miss with success. No doubt he'll get past me someday soon!


Egg Mama said...

Hey there! It's T., N' sorry I haven't cleaned out my PM box yet or called you! We just got back from Greece, where we've been most of the summer. I have a blog too but it is really just a place to stash random thoughts whenever I think of them...not very many posts and not much of interest, but click over and leave a comment if you like! :-)